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Freight forwarding in Russia

We are logistics company focused on transportation of pharmaceuticals exceptionally.

From UK to Poland, from Greece to Finland, we deliver highly demanding cargoes all over
Western Europe 24 / 7 / 365.

Because of the very field of specialisation, constant improvement of our quality managing procedures,
vehicle park and its technological equipment is nothing else, but a natural part of our everyday business

Whether it is a full load or just a single pallete, we will always deliver your order according only to the highest
standards - both technical and business.


  • Partial loads
  • Full loads (up to 6 Euro palletes, 1000 kg). Full loads are delivered within 48 hours.


We use vehicles developed specifically for transportation of pharmaceuticals. Our modern PHARMA COOLERS are designed and equiped in cooperation with German refrigerated-truck manufacturer KIESLING FAHRZEUGBAU GmbH and leader in cargo-tracking IDEM TELEMATICS GmbH.

Vehicle technologies

IDEM CONTROL system. Tracking

Real-time cargo tracking.
The system is designed to use class 1 information-transmission and storage devices, certified and licensed under European standard en 12830.

IDEM CONTROL system. Temperature

Uninterrupted real-time monitoring of the cargo’s temperature.
The system is connected with refrigeration-equipment sensors with 24 / 7 / 365 data output from 4 temperature sensors. The cargo temperature during transportation is continuously monitored by our managers (or by security companies on weekends and during holidays).

Additional power generators

The extra power sources guarantee precision temperature support in case of contingencies.

Alarm system

The system is set and operates according to customer requirements and temperature maps.

Video cameras

The cameras record all activities during the loading and unloading of cargo.

Standards and certifications

  • PHARMASERV. We are the first, and so far the only, non-German company licensed according to these standards. To see the certificate, please browse here.
  • FRC-ATP. To see the certificate, please browse here.
  • HACCP.


  • ISO 9001. To see the certificate, please browse here
  • ISO 14001. To see the certificate, please browse here.
  • GDP. To see the certificate, please browse here.
  • All European Union and World Trade Organisation standards. Impeccable compliance is ensured by WINDER’s standard internal operating procedures (risk management, alarm systems, validation procedures, analysis of nonconformities and changes, and staff training) on which our quality control systems are based.

We provide separate freight forwarding services as well as their
extensive packages – depends upon your choice and needs at stake.

Sea Transportation

Full loads

Partial loads

Non-standard freights

Dangerous goods (ADR)


Land transportation

Full loads

Partial loads

Non-standard freights

Dangerous goods (ADR)



Sky transportation

Urgent goods

Dangerous goods goods


Selection of transport mode and route according to load specification

Delivering of full and partial loads by different transport door-to-door


Storage of goods in customs warehouses

Preparation of export, import or transition related documents

Control of customs procedures

Representation of a client at customs authorities

Preparation of customs documents at customs authorities of Russia Federation